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Producer. Director. Editor

Originally from a small town in Alabama, where the pine trees are vast and stories are told  with a slow, southern drawl. I moved to New Orleans when I was 18.

I found my path in the video production world as a video editor, director, videographer, motion graphic artist, and post-production supervisor. I've spent the better part of 20 years hammering out my craft on sets and in dark edit bays.

Not every project has a cookie cutter approach. I spend a great deal of time creating unique workflows and managing media. I can often be found on sets directing single camera and multi-camera shoots. Then chopping up projects, adding motion graphics, color correcting, and mixing audio in the edit bay. 

In my spare time, I direct documentaries. Last year, I released my first documentary that is currently available on a multitude of streaming platforms including Amazon, Pluto, and Tube titled "The Town That Loved Bigfoot" about a small dying town in Alabama that was sprung back to life by becoming the official Bigfoot Capital of Alabama. I am currently in post-production on my second documentary about the bloody, New Orleans serial killer "The Axeman of New Orleans."

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